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Elegant & Foldable

Dragon eBike is equipped with quick-release battery to improve ease of use and safety. With the battery-concealed protective design and new structure design eBike improved the battery capacity to the top limitation and increase the battery durability

250W Brushless Geared

36V 7.8Ah Removable

Range 45-50km


LCD Display

20inch * 2.125

Light and Foldable

Built from light magnesium alloys and automotive grade aluminum eBike is easy to fold and lift in your car trunk
without spending time at the gym. Riding free through the day without getting the low battery anxiety syndrome.
The best of two worlds. Say goodbye to flat-tires, while having the ride feeling of inflatable tires. Embedded in honeycomb tires,
there are small air pockets, inflated independently.

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